What do a New Zealander, a Tunisian woman, an executive from Frankfurt or an English merchant have in common?


Perhaps all of them can enjoy PROSOL coffee at home, with their friends or family, slowly or in a hurry, reading the newspaper or chatting, enjoying flavoured coffee capsules or instant decaffeinated varieties. Across the continents, in more than thirty countries and on some of the world's most demanding markets, like the American one. Once a product of one of our specialties leaves our home, we know that it will go to a nonconformist consumer who wants the best coffee.

And all of that is the result of our enthusiasm and our efforts.




In Prosol we produce instant coffee, coffee drinks, and compatible capsules with the highest safety, quality and cost standards.

We provide the latest technology at the service of our customers´ needs.

Prosol works with the distribution leaders and the Horeca channel in more than 30 countries, who have placed their trust in us to enhance their product and brand catalogue. From the initial studies of the suitability or market, to the winning product, format and service combination.

Only in this way the sustained growth is achieved. In Prosol we constantly keep watch and evaluate the society trends and changes and their way of approaching the coffee pleasure. We contribute to this knowledge our great experience and the strength of a company that treasures an exclusive and highly competitive know how.

We believe in the long term relationship and in the satisfaction as a competitive measure.

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